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Fast-paced, challenging activities allow your child to have fun while mastering a number of basic gymnastics skills in a structured 40-minute class. This class is designed to develop motor skills, coordination and fitness levels in your 2 to 4-year-old.



1 hour class for the child who has never participated in a structured gymnastics class. Forward, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels are taught, as well as all of the basic skills needed on the other apparatus.




1 hour class for the students that have mastered the beginner skills and is now ready for more advanced skills and begin the competition, if interested. If a Level 1 gymnast wants to progress at a faster rate, they can attend more than one class per week.


Children in the advanced class are learning the USAG Levels 1,2,3 and 4 routines with the opportunity to showcase them against other Decal gymnasts in our Intersquad league. This class/ league is designed to prepare your child for our competitive team.



TEAM (Level 2 and up, YMCA/USA)

Decal Gymnastics offers a competitive gymnastics program, where the gymnasts are given numerous opportunities to showcase their advanced skills by participating in both the Maine USA Gymnastics League as well as the Maine YMCA Gymnastics League. Routines are designed by USA Gymnastics, Team membership is based on skill level performed at tryouts. Team classes are by invitation only.



This class is designed for any age who would like to polish their tumbling skills. Beginner skills through advanced skills are taught and there is a special emphasis on back handsprings.

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